Lorand Bodo, M.A.

Lorand Bodo, M.A. is a research fellow at ICSVE looking at ISIS social media use and testing ISIS defector video clips with those who endorse ISIS. He is currently pursuing a four-year integrated Ph.D. at the Security and Crime Science Department at University College London. His research focuses on identifying and examining online radicalizing settings on social media platforms. Furthermore, he is very interested in the application of social media and open source intelligence techniques to the study of violent extremism on the Internet. Lorand Bodo graduated with distinction in Governance and International Politics (MA) from Aston University.

Authors: Lorand Bodo, M.A. & Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.

Telegram currently is, for a plethora of reasons, the favorite encrypted social media app employed by ISIS.[1] As such, Telegram has become the subject of deep controversies in the West. While government officials demand for Telegram to store and hand over user information of those promoting terrorism, Telegram’s executives have responded with an adamant refusal to comply.

Authors: Lorand Bodo, M.A. & Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.

s ISIS is rapidly losing its territory in Syria and Iraq they continue to win on the digital battlefield, maintaining a strong recruiting presence in the digital space[1]. As ISIS cadres inspire and even direct terrorist attacks on different continents, the West must realize that it is long past due to mount a strong and resolute digital battle against ISIS—to stop them radicalizing and guiding the world’s terror plots from afar[2].