Louisa Tarras-Wahlberg

Louisa Tarras-Wahlberg (BA, MPS) is a Research Fellow at ICSVE writing about Violent Extremist organizations, propaganda and preventive measurements. She graduated with distinction in Political Science from Stockholm University, and carried out in-depth studies in International Relations at University of Washington as part of her degree. She holds a postgraduate degree with distinction in Security Policy from the Swedish Defence University. Her master thesis “Promises of Paradise? A study on Official ISIS-propaganda Targeting Women” was well received and led to her working for the Swedish Government Offices focusing on preventing Violent Extremism. Previous works by Ms. Tarras-Wahlberg have been published by think tanks such as International Center for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT), Human Security (Mänsklig Säkerhet) as well as the NGO Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL). She also lectures within the field of Counter Radicalization both internationally and locally.

t’s a sunny Friday afternoon in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Thousands of people have come out of their winter hiding to enjoy the weekend’s bright sunny, spring weather. Many of them are walking down Queens Street, a 1.5 kilometer long pedestrian street running through town, connecting its older parts to more newly built areas.