Dr.Sanjay Kumar Kar

Dr.Sanjay Kumar Kar

Dr. Sanjay has been publishing in numerous peer reviewed journals such as Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. In addition, he serves as a reviewer to many prestigious journals. Also, regularly writes columns for Financial Express (India), DNA, South Asia Monitor, Iran Review, and HansIndia. His chapters have been featured in books published by publishers like Springer, Tata-McGraw-Hill, Oxford, and CRC Press etc. His co-edited book “Energy Sustainability Through Green Energy” published by Springer in 2015. Further, his forthcoming co-edited book ‘Natural Gas Markets in India: Opportunities and Challenges’ is to be published by Springer, Singapore in January 2017.

Authors: Sanjay Kumar Kar and Prajit Goswami

ndia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It had been growing at a rapid rate of 7 percent for the last 10 years. Further, it is expected to grow over 7% percent in the coming decade. To fuel projected economic growth and cater growing energy needs, India requires a lot of energy.

Authors: Sanjay Kumar Kar and Ms. Harsha*

oal has been an integral component of the global fuel mix for a long, long time now. To provide the reader with some numerical perspective, the world depends on coal for a total of around 30% of its energy needs. For India, this figure is around 55%, with sectors like power generation, steel, cement industry, paper and textile industries being the major consumers.