Shrinivas Dharmadhikari

Shrinivas Dharmadhikari

I am a Global Marketing & Public Policy Consultant with 25 years of experience major part of which has been by way of physical presence in regions like Africa (East & West) South East Asia and Europe. Besides, I have extensively travelled on business missions to Middle East, South and North America and former Eastern block countries. One of the distinct contribution has been popularising Special Research Algorithm developed by fellow Indian scientists in major international markets particularly USA and Germany, markets known for mature management practices. Besides professional engagements, I am also a member of Harvard Business Review Advisory Council. Engineer and International Management graduate by training, I was involved in number of progressive student and youth struggles during early days. Keenly follow social struggles world over for multi cultural, democratic and egalitarian values.

November this year marks the completion of 100 years of the most audacious act of British Imperialism in flagrant violation of international norms and devoid of any human decency. It is the anniversary of the letter dated 2nd November 1917 written by the then British foreign secretary Arthur Balfour to Walter Rothschild delivered by hand to his London home at 148 Piccadilly later came to be known as the Balfour Declaration.

During the last two weeks, Deutsche Bank (DB) the largest German Bank (identical to our State Bank of India) making headlines in financial press because of the downward slide of its share value to the record low. A fall by 65 % in share price that has not only erased more than half of its market value but is likely to lead to a closure of 25% of its branches and loss of job for over 2,000 staff. Financial circles are afraid that DB once a triple-A-rated bank is likely to be the next Lehman Brothers which caused the famous US financial crisis.

Before we begin this dialogue, it essential to clarify my intent. I am neither a theologian nor a History scholar. So what follows is a friendly initiative to dialogue with like minded individuals, without “holier than though” attitude or any pretense of high moral ground. To begin with I wish to quote the following three news items which offend sensibilities of any modern liberal minded person be of any religious pursuit.

Next year 2017, is the centenary year of the Russian Revolution, also called in various circles as the Bolshevik Revolution or the October Revolution. This event of monumental proportion, had sweeping implications for entire humanity and the world was never the same again.