Umut Can Adısönmez

Umut Can Adısönmez

Umut Can Adısönmez holds a B.A degree in International Relations and minor degree in History from Bilkent University. Currently, he is a graduate student in Global Studies at Lund University also an editor in Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Magazine of the same university. His research areas are Turkish foreign policy, globalization and human security.

From scheduled jet airline services to millions of bookings simultaneously around the world, experiencing foreign exchange turnover $3,500 billion in a daily basis, a broadcast of CNN reaching 260 million households within a second, on the other hand, several airplane crashes or computer viruses which are designed by an individual who knocks off a bank account at the diametrically opposite geography in the world…

In the globalizing world, Realpolitik-oriented and authoritarian state paradigms have been gradually shrinking. The phenomenon is recognized as a Post-Westphalian principle of the state which was leading to evolving of the state into a more transparent model and declining in statism.

Several conflicts happening in various capacities over the region of North Syria has been practicing since the mid-Arab Spring. The issue has become supraterritorial case and Turkish political environment is also being affected from the contemporary developments.