Dianne A. Valdez

Dianne A. Valdez

Dianne Valdez just completed her Master’s degree in the International Security and Intelligence Studies Program at Bellevue University in Omaha, NE, USA and continues her interests in the geopolitics of this important region, along with political strife in Africa.

While the debate over the wisdom of concluding the Iran nuclear deal continues, this article takes a slightly more involved intellectual approach to explain why an alternative to the long-standing sanctions was likely inevitable.

Recent geopolitical activities have mostly painted Turkey as a diplomatic hero in mediating a role between two rival Caspian countries: Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Past interactions between the two have demonstrated a less-than-friendly atmosphere.

Russia’s energy control appears to be soon coming to a halt as Caspian members, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, plan on gaining control over vital areas of the Caspian Sea. Ongoing deliberations over assigning specific demarcations to the five outlying regional members of the Caspian threaten to impede on Russia’s years of energy control within the region and across the EU.