Dr. C. Dale Walton

Dr. C. Dale Walton

Dr. C. Dale Walton is an Associate Professor of International Relations at Lindenwood University.
He is the author of several publications including Geopolitics and the Great Powers in the 21st Century published by Routledge in 2009.


In recent months, a large army of pundits, academics, and other policy professionals have risen up to argue that Pres. Donald Trump’s foreign policy reflects an ill-informed and unsophisticated personal knowledge of global affairs. This is quite true; even at this early point, it appears near-certain that the current president will preside over a rich array of foreign policy debacles ranging from the comical to the tragic.  

The international order is akin to the science fiction character Dr. Who—it periodically is destroyed, only to reemerge in an altered form. Certain core features are retained; the Classical Greek historian Thucydides observed that political actors are motivated by fear, honor, and interest, and that remains the ruling principle of international politics.