David Cameron has managed to win the UK general election. Few would have expected that after the austerity and the restrictive policy term, after a term, when the economic crisis wounded European bonds and after the issue of immigration that has made the British Prime Minister a completely right wing politician, the majority of British public opinion would have entrusted him again.

I am quite sure that the European crisis has its roots in a mistaken rationalism”--Edmund Husserl, University of Prague, 1935)

Modern Western Civilization presents us with a Janus-like face: On one side Renaissance Humanism which begins in Italy in the 14th century with Petrarch, on the other side Enlightenment Rationalism which begins in France in the 17th century with Descartes.

Conservatives and Labour have failed to gain a significant difference between them so that the result is uncertain. By this time the Conservatives seem to precede little the Labour, and UKIP, Liberals and Greens follow.

Aegean theater of the Antique Greece was the place of astonishing revelations and intellectual excellence – a remarkable density and proximity, not surpassed up to our age. All we know about science, philosophy, sports, arts, culture and entertainment, stars and earth has been postulated, explored and examined then and there.

Globalization as an economic situation worked well in blooming and expanding the trade. Commercial activity featured almost all of the global economic activity, associated countries and political systems, offered shared ideas, images and social habits on people and communities. Globalization based on total capitalist economic models and on cyclical interpretations of economic activity.

Political uncertainties over the EU’s future direction make today’s peak in unemployment more difficult than the comparable jobs crisis of the mid-1990s, warns László Andor. He sets out the ‘robust agenda’ Europe now needs.

In an effort to live in Europe of 21st century, miles away of political oppression and dark ages of human rights, refugees cross, daily in adverse conditions, the Mediterranean in order to escape from the war in the Middle East and sub-Saharan regions of Africa.

This analysis first appeared in the policy paper series KAS katoptron by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Greece.

Europe’s Southern and Eastern neighborhoods have changed considerably during the past few years and the key words describing the regional security environment are fluidity, instability and unpredictability.

The "new Turkey" of the president Erdogan

The past year can arguably be considered a turning point in the political history of Turkey. In August, the president Recep Tayyp Erdogan has been elected president of the Republic, after serving three terms as prime minister, the first directly elected by Turkish citizens.

“Leaders remain committed to the vision of a joint humanitarian and economic space from the Atlantic to the Pacific based upon full respect for international law and the OSCE principles.”