he mystery of Donald Trump’s tax returns thickens despite the fact that a partial copy of his 2005 federal filing has mysteriously surfaced, and then published by journalist David Cay Johnston of MSNBC.

o watch Sean Spicer at his daily media briefing and his lame defense of Trump’s latest tweets, is to watch an exercise in self-parody that can only be matched by satire. It’s like watching Inspector Clouseau investigating himself. It would be funny were it only a reality show, but it is tragic when it portents the destruction of a whole polity.

nly fifty or so days after president Trump’s inauguration we are at a point when it seems to be a new normal to be confronted daily with tweeted statements for which there is no discernible evidence. They simply seem to jump out of a mind that is unable to discern facts from imagined fiction. It all began with the assertion a couple of years ago that President Obama was not born in the US.

ere is a pundit’s interesting comment regarding the ongoing Trump presidency: “The man ran on chaos. He won on chaos. And now he’s governing on chaos… He’s shaking up Washington! He’s exploding political norms! He’s also lighting his own pants on fire.”

o far, the longest time President Trump has been able to stay away from Twitting has been four days, eight hours and five minutes. It began two days before his big speech to Congress on Feb. 28 (when he told us that “the time for trivial fights is behind us”), and ended two days later on March 2 when he sent a couple of accusations against Democrats: as having “lost their grip on reality,” and for engaging in “a total witch hunt.”

s the House really probing the interference of Russia in the 2016 election, or is it mere political theater? Lawmakers have supposedly begun to review classified information at CIA headquarters, but the Democrats among them are still calling for an independent panel and special prosecutor.

fter 50 turbulent days or so of “Caligula Presidency,” we have become accustomed to sudden “tremendous” tweet outbursts. Often the evidence for the allegations and the insults they convey is nowhere to be found.

fter President Trump’s evidence-free assertion that, just before the election, his phones were wiretapped by former President Barack Obama, Former Central Intelligence director Michael Hayden has suggested that Trump, during his week-end flurry at his home Mar-a-Lago, Florida, forgot something, namely that he was President.

nce again, the public was treated to the spectacle of a psychotic episode in the White House: an unseemly display of anger. As an ABC source put it: “he went ballistic.” He was displeased with the latest news reports connecting Russia with the new administration, specifically the decision of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from its investigation.

ertainly the Russians have to be chortling about the success of their efforts to sow dissension in this country” James Clapper, who for six years served as President Obama’s director of National intelligence, told Chuch Todd of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

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