MyDream Launches LightVR for Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality company and development studio MyDream Interactive Inc. released LightVR for Oculus Rift with support for the forthcoming Oculus Touch. Available on the Oculus and Steam stores, LightVR provides the best visual clarity among virtual office programs, and offers high performance with low overall impact on the computer.

LightVR uses unique technology to offer Blended Reality functionality that makes it possible to peer through a webcam or headset-mounted camera to observe your physical surroundings. This improves spatial awareness for the user, while reducing the potential for disturbances or injury while the headset is in place.

LightVR allows users to fully customize their virtual environment, using their existing desktop screens, additional browsers, props, backgrounds, and other features to design their virtual space for optimal work productivity or entertainment possibilities. Desktop and browser screens can be set to display in stereoscopic mode for side-by-side and top-bottom 3D videos, as well as being curved, flattened, scaled, or rotated independent of the other screens. Browsers can also be cropped to allow images to be used as art pieces in the environment.

Different 3D backgrounds are available, which help set the mood for the environment. There are a variety of props which can be easily positioned, scaled, and duplicated, as well as having the the surface skin replaced to look better for different environments like fantasy, sci-fi, or a modern office. Users may create and share their own props using Steam Workshop, making it possible to have any sort of environment imaginable. Once an environment has been fully customized, it can be saved and loaded later, which makes it possible to have as many workspaces or entertainment environments as the user desires.