South Asia

India: Rahul Gandhi set to become Congress President

Putting to rest all speculation and debate, Rahul Gandhi, MP, now the youngest member of Nehru dynasty that ruled India... full story

Middle East

Saudi king Salman to relinquish power in favor of son prince Mohammed next week

Saudi King Salman plans to relinquish power next week in favor of his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who... full story


Kenya's Democratic Disappointment

Kenya's Supreme Court had voided the result of the presidential election held in August, but following a voting rerun –... full story


Republican Tax Reform: A Windfall If Done Right

Tax reform will be the litmus test for Republicans and President Trump and will be decisive in determining the latter’s... full story

Eastern Europe

Time to Make Friends with the Promised Land

The first thing Armenia began to do shortly after it gained independence was establishing diplomatic relations with other states. This... full story

International Law

Customary International Law implications of Trump’s withdrawal from Paris Agreement

The ongoing UNFCCC Negotiations at COP 23 in Bonn, Germany shows increasing evidence of Trump’s intention to withdraw from the... full story


Cinema vs Studios

After waiting for over a year and plagued with production problems that could put the very word problem to shame... full story

Eastern Europe

The Baku Process of Azerbaijan: Ten Years of Effective Cultural Diplomacy

The Republic of Azerbaijan is home of one of the earliest Christian communities in the world, the Caucasian Albanian-Apostolic Church... full story

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