Increased international transparency in military spending is possible

Authors: Dr Nan Tian and Pieter D. Wezeman On 20 October the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly will... full story

South Asia

Pakistan’s nuclear weapons: Presseler Should Worry About Whom?

The new Afghan Policy announced by President of United States, Donald Trump has criticized Pakistan to ‘do more’ in War... full story

Middle East

David and Goliath: How Qatar took on the world...and nearly won

To say that the Middle East is a region of instability would be an understatement. The ongoing violence in Syria... full story

Middle East

Gulf crisis broadens definitions of food security

Food security has taken on a new dimension almost five months into the Gulf crisis that pits a UAE-Saudi alliance... full story


International Governance: balancing inclusion and efficiency

The UN Security Council’s resolutions have not succeeded to stop North Korea’s nuclear program. All over the world, refugees have... full story


Africa's rapid urbanization can drive industrialization

A United Nations report out Thursday makes concrete recommendations on how the right African policy framework can harness the continent's... full story

Green Planet

Cutting greenhouse gases, reducing disaster risk, vital for sustainable development

A new United Nations report has underscored the importance of a “risk-informed” approach to sustainable development and called for integrating... full story


Will Family Held Hostage by the Taliban Ever Recover?

Coleman endured rape, the murder of her first child, and a terrifying rescue. A psychologist who has talked to hundreds... full story

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