South Asia

Ruling AIADMK faction in Tamil Nadu wins back 'Two Leaves' symbol

The combined E Palaniswamy-O Panneerselvam faction of the AIADMK that now rules Tamil Nadu has won on November 23 the... full story


Russia and Mauritius: Improving economic cooperation and diplomatic ties

In an attempt to strengthen economic cooperation and diplomatic ties between Russia and Mauritius, the Mauritius, Minister of Foreign Affairs... full story

Middle East

President Erdogan's visit to Qatar amid Gulf crisis

Recently Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan traveled to Qatar, which Ankara has supported in its dispute with powerful Gulf Arab neighbors... full story

Middle East

Saudi Prince Mohammed's Achilles Heel: Misreading tea leaves in Washington

Emboldened by perceived White House support, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman appears to have stepped up his risky, so... full story


Zimbabwe: Mugabe resigns, Mnangagwa likely to be next President

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has resigned after 37 years in power. He resigned in a letter sent to parliament as... full story

Middle East

Arab League urgent meeting over Iran on Saudi Arabia request

Arab foreign ministers gathered in Cairo on Sunday the November 19 on Saudi Arabia's request for an extraordinary meeting to... full story

South Asia

Indian corruption: CPM-CPI ties in Kerala strained over transport minister Chandy ouster

It appears that the Communist factions in the ruling Left collation government are looking for opportunities to fight over them... full story


Zimbabwe: President Mugabe faces impeachment by parliament

The world waits to see what happens next after the military took over Zimbabwe and after 93-year-old leader President Robert... full story

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